The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe

By Dominick Argento

Ill and feverish, Boston-born writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe – his creativity and inspiration in the doldrums after his wife Virginia’s death two years prior – plans to sail to Baltimore on a “voyage of discovery.” But is a ship scheduled to depart?

Amidst shipboard phantoms, morbid melodrama, a hasty child marriage, grotesque masquerade partygoers, a profusion of alcohol, and a haunting voice singing Poe’s last complete poem, “Annabel Lee”, two things exist: Poe and his dubious literary executor, the mercurial Griswold.

A trial to contest madness, advised by fictional French detective Auguste Dupin, seemingly conjures Poe’s past, revealing a grisly auction of muses, his beloved Virginia’s funerary reawakening, and glittering visions of what lies beyond the grave.

Join the Odyssey for an excursion like no other from Pulitzer Prize-winning master of contemporary American opera, Dominick Argento.


The production of The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe received funding from OPERA America’s Next Stage program, supported by Gene Kaufman, Terry Eder-Kaufman, and New Vision for Opera.

“Poe is Argento’s eighth opera and as fine as any ever written by an American” – Time

Cast and Creative

Peter Tantsits
Edgar Allan Poe

Tom Meglioranza

Maggie Finnegan
Virginia Poe

Neal Ferreira

Kirsten Chambers
Mrs. Poe

Felicia Gavilanes
Mrs. Clemm

Christina English
Mrs. Allan

David Salsbery Fry
Theatre Director

Gil Rose
Artistic Director and General Director

Anne Harley

Andrew Clark

Yoko Hagino
Rehearsal Pianist

Brooke Stanton
Costume Coordinator

Rachel Padula-Shufelt
Hair and Make-up Designer

Christopher Ostrom
Production Designer

Danielle Ibrahim
Production Manager